Why you need Barxui!

We are the innovators

Barxui is the worlds first integrated cloud labelling design, management and printing system. It is the future of online labelling.

Gone are the days of managing hundreds of label files and images, duplicating product and customer data from your other systems, giving different people at different locations access and keeping it all synchronized.

There are many advantages to moving to the cloud for your labelling. Here are some of the key ones:

Use from any modern operating system with an internet browser

Most traditional labelling applications have been available for Microsoft Windows only. Since Barxui is in the cloud you can operate from any supported internet browser. The print agent service is currently only available for Microsoft Windows but newer versions will be available in the future.

Windows 11, 10, 8,7, Mac, Android, iOS, Unix, Linux. PC’s, Tablets and Phones

No more large applications to install, setup and maintain on your local computers

Barxui is in the cloud! You can design and manage labels and print to PDF without needing to install software like labelling applications of the past. If you need to print directly to your printers then we do offer a small print agent application which can be optionally installed.

No more hassles sharing your labels and data with co-workers, branches, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world

Traditionally if you wanted someone to print or check your labels they needed to be copied to a USB stick, emailed or shared via cloud storage – now with Barxui you can give anyone you want access to your labels to view, modify or print simply by inviting their email name to your account. You can decide what they can do and see.

This is revolutionary for managing content of your product labels for products that are manufactured in foreign factories.

Receive fast and efficient support when you need it

Check the Support page for common questions and advice but of that doesn’t help you then please contact our support team with your questions.

No more worrying about backing up your label designs and data

Since all the files are stored securely in the cloud by Barxui, there is nothing local for you to look after except your login details.

Always up-to-date with latest features and security

You automatically get all the updates and improvements as they become available.