Need to know more about barcodes and labelling? If you are a business and need to print labels and barcodes for your retail and wholesale products then we recommend you contact your local GS1 office or other organisation in your country that issues retail and wholesale barcode numbers. If your barcodes are purely for inhouse use, such as for QA, security ID, batch processing and internal logistics then you can use your own range of numbers to suit. If you are sending your products to be sold and the barcodes are scanned in external logistics or over the counter, such as at a supermarket or shop than you need correctly formatted and unique numbers. This is necessary to ensure no two products have the same barcode number from different suppliers. Once your have your unique barcode numbers you can start printing them using Barxui.

Here are some educational videos we found on YouTube that give a good introduction to barcoding. We were not involved in the making of these videos and copyright is held by their respective owners.