barxui – your labels in the cloud

design labels, manage data and print with ease – all from your favourite web browser

Fully online designer

barxui has all the tools and features you need to create professional labels:

  • Drag and drop user interface directly from any modern browser
  • Unlimited label designs
  • Add text, paragraphs, barcodes, pictures, shapes.
  • Supports leading barcode styles such as; GS1,QR,Code128,Code39, ITF,UPC etc.
  • Built in nutrition panel wizard
  • Built in pricing shape styles makes formatting consistent prices a breeze
  • Huge collection of text font typefaces built in
  • Connect labels to data from many sources
  • Add prompted questions for operators to set at print time

Upload, Synchronise and Update Data

Using barxui’s Data Manager you can import files in Excel or CSV format and create queries to sort and filter. Using barxui Agent you can automatically import and update data from data in files or from Microsoft SQL Server (version 2016 or later).

Queries not only allow sorting and filtering but you can also join queries to enhance data sources that cannot easily be altered. For example, to add a supplier table and reference this from an inventory table, or a product table referenced by code from a production table.

Extend and Integrate

Addons take barxui to another level. They are the glue that lets you automate and enhance your systems and process.

  • Integration addons can pull or receive data from external systems
  • Console addons provide a simplied interface for process workers in a factory or warehouse.
  • Automation addons add functionality to barxui, for example to automatically print labels when new data is synchronised from an agent or other addon.
  • Want an addon? Lets talk.

We are progressively adding more addons with leading cloud services so you can read your data directly into barxui to print labels.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying

“We use barxui for printing product & nutritional information, and have found the setup and design process simple. barxui allows the creation of endless different designs and every aspect of the process is user friendly and customizable. The barxui team have always worked closely with us to ensure any concerns were quickly resolved.

“After investigating many other cloud based label software options, we were unable to find another programme with the same functionality or the same value for money that would work for us.  We found barxui was very affordable while still offering the same, or more features than other higher priced options.”

Sophie, Lolly Shop

“Rileys distributes crates of organic produce using barxui for CrossDocking crate labelling. Being cloud based and fully supported, its provided a robust logistics tool.”

Peter, Rileys Produce and