Barxui Feature List

One advantage of a cloud system is that we can keep adding new features and make them available to you and you don’t need to worry about applying updates. Listed here are the main specifications of Barxui. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggested new features you would like to see in Barxui.

FeatureCurrently Supported
Internet browsers supportedLatest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Designing labels is best on a larger screen of at least 1024×768 pixels)
Installation RequirementsAny OS with a supported browser. An optional print service agent is available to enable seamless background printing to your printers rather than printing the generated PDF. This does require installation of a Microsoft Windows service application and works with Windows 7 upwards. Service agents for other operating systems maybe available in the future.
Memory and storage requirementsSince its hosted and run from your browser the only local storage requirements are if you install the optional agent and that’s less than about 10Mb. Any computer capable of browsing popular websites is capable of using Barxui.
Label ContentText, Paragraphs, Barcodes, Images (colour and b/w), Rectangles, Circles, Lines, Star and other shapes, Nutrition Panel Shape, Pricing Shape.
Printers SupportedPrinting occurs via printer drivers. So the only requirement is you have a printer driver installed on your local PC if you are printing PDF, or on the server if you are using the print agent service. You can print from phones and tablets easily by installing the print agent on a PC that can see the printers and has drivers installed.
FontsGoogle Fonts (click to view) and some standard true type fonts, OCRB for GS1-13/8 and UPC barcodes. Fonts supported for all models of printers since they are converted and sent as graphics to the printer so you can use any font even if not supported by the label printer.
Barcode StylesCode 128-A, Code 128-B, Code 128-C, Code 128-Auto, Code 128-Auto Mod10, Code 39, Code 94, GS1-128 / EAN128, GS1-13 / EAN13, GS1-8 / EAN8, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, QR Code, SSCC, UPC-A, UPC-E
GS1 AIsAll standard GS1 Automatic identifiers (00)… (9999) are supported by the AI wizard.
Cloud PlatformAmazon Web Services
Image FormatsPNG, JPG
Label SizesFrom 10mm by 10mm right up to A0 paper. Whatever your printer supports.
Number of labelsThere isn’t any practical limit to the number of labels with a subscription to the Barxui service. Trial and Demo accounts may be limited. We do recommend however you always consider using data tables and a single design for multiple product labels rather than designing a separate label for each product.
Methods of printingBarxui generates a PDF of the completed labels which you can then print to your connected printer using the PDF viewer application of your choice.

If you install the Barxui print agent on a Windows PC on your network then you can print directly to any of your printers without needing to open a PDF first. We recommend you always try to use the Agent for printing as its a lot more efficient than printing PDF’s and mirrors normal application document printing.
Add-On integrationsXero Accounting. We will release more Add-on integrations in the near future.
Number of UsersSupports any number of users. Add-on packs can be purchased to allow more users.
Serial NumbersYes
Sequence NumbersYes
Rotations90 degree increments
DatabaseBarxui has its own data tables to which you can upload data from Excel or other formats. Once the data is in Barxui you can link the columns to objects (text, barcode, pricing etc) on the label designs. Or select records in the table you want to print and then select the label template you require. The Barxui print agent can also serve to automatically synchronize your local SQL and Excel, CSV files into Barxui so you can maintain your data locally as you currently do, but its kept up to date in Barxui for all your various users to see and use.

The data tables in Barxui can be edited directly without needing to re upload.